Health and Safety Signage

KDN Enterprises produce high quality safety signs and stickers to meet the needs off  all industries, schools, shopping centres and construction sites

The signs are clear and easily recognisable and of the highest quality

HSE state that –

Employers must provide safety signs if there is a significant risk that can’t be avoided or controlled in any other way, such as through safe systems of work or engineering controls.

There is no need to provide safety signs if they don’t help reduce the risk or if the risk isn’t significant. This applies to all places and activities where people are employed.

Employers must, where necessary:

  • use road traffic signs in workplaces to regulate road traffic
  • maintain the safety signs they provide
  • explain unfamiliar signs to their employees and tell them what they need to do when they see safety signs

Safety signage can also be used to warn of potential hazards, indicate the location of the nearest emergency exitfirst aid facility or fire fighting equipment. Effective safety signage can restrict access, ensure that personal protective equipment is worn, or convey that fire exit doors should be kept clear.


We are also able to offer a range of child orientated signs for schools and nursery’s to  put safety at the forefront of children’s thinking from an early age.